Foaming Bath Soak – Lavender & Geranium

Update 13th August 2023 I have been overwhelmed by the interest in our Lavender & Geranium Foaming Bath Soak. I only have two left in stock after attending a local craft market. I will try and make some more and add them to the website.

I have just added a small batch of Lavender & Geranium Foaming Bath Soak to the website. We haven’t made any for a while and, as we like to keep our customers happy, I made a batch as we had requests for it!

If you wish to take a look at it please follow this link Foaming Bath Soak (no SLS) Archives – Cotswold Handmade Soap

Diffuser Refills now available online

Due to many requests, we introduced diffuser refills to our range a few months ago. We have now added them to our website to enable you to order them online. They are made the same way as the diffusers, except they are in PET bottles. Each one will fill one of our glass diffuser bottles.

It’s such an easy way to save waste and some money.

Please follow the link to see the ones I have already added, I will add more over the next few weeks.

Diffuser Refills Archives – Cotswold Handmade Soap

Spring is in the air!!

I am always very happy to make a batch of Bluebell Haze soy wax candles and diffusers. Today has been the day! I have made one small batch of soy wax candles and diffusers.

All our diffusers will last at least 6 months and have a good scent throw. They are supplied with five reeds and packaged in a recyclable box.

Our soy wax candles will all burn for approximately 50 hours and are designed to use all the wax and not tunnel through the middle. These are also supplied in a recyclable box.

Christmas 2022!

Well, I am sure everyone will agree with me, where has this year gone!

This time of year we all start to think about Christmas as the clocks turn back and we have long, cosy evenings to enjoy. We have just added our very popular Christmas Spice candle to our shop. I will be adding Orange & Cinnamon (essential oils) soy wax candle as well, when I have taken the photographs!

We have been very busy at Cotswold Handmade Soap this year, introducing new and re-introducing some old favourites. We have some new soaps to offer and we have re-introduced Bergamot & Grapefruit Liquid Soap and Shower Wash into our range. I was a little apprehensive to start, but it has been so, so popular.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, if anything is of interest to you please take a look at our website.

Bergamot & Grapefruit Liquid Soap and Shower Wash

Update 18th August 2022: This has proved very popular and sold out very quickly, so we have decided to keep it in stock. A new batch has been added to the website.

We have re-introduced Bergamot & Grapefruit Liquid Soap and Shower Wash to our range. We made it several years ago and decided to take it out of our range for a while. We have had some requests for both of them, so we have made small batches of each. They are made with no SLS or salt and are very kind to your skin. We have fragranced them with essential oils to give a good scent.

Off we go 2022!

We are ready and bursting at the seams to get back to our regular markets. We took January off to have a rest and give us some time to spend on trying out some new candle fragrances. These will be for sale shortly.

Our first market of 2022 will be at Cirencester Cornhall market on Saturday 2nd February 9.30am to 4.30pm. It you are in town, please pop by and say hi.