Gardener’s 100g Soap Bar


Get those dirty hands clean! This soap has the addition of super fine pumice, resembling baby powder, to gently remove dirt from hands after gardening.

As the soap contains four vegetable oils it will leave hands very soft.

My husband uses this soap to remove oil and grease from his hands as well. Fragrance free.

Vegan friendly.

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We LOVE this Gardener’s 100g Soap Bar! We have called it Gardener’s Soap but maybe should have called it “Dirty Hands Soap”. Made to our own recipe using four vegetable oils with the added advantage of pumice. This gently cleans hands without any harsh treatment. We find when gardening our hands become very dry. By using the Gardener’s 100g Soap Bar with its four vegetable oils, hands are left smooth and soft.

This soap is unperfumed and suitable for all skin types, vegetarians and vegans.


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